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Why Botgento

Grow your business revenue with the most enticing Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your Magento Store.

local_mall Virtual Store Management

Botgento will take your business operations to a level higher by adding extraordinary features which result in enhancement of your eCommerce store and makes your customers get familiar with your business events. On the other hand, you are directly popular among the target customers.

It makes business operations to flow with varieties that allow customers to become obstacle free to find the right product or service on your store. Botgento organizes every act of your store so specific that you can get everything in front of you without guessing on what might work.

people_outline Unified Customers

Botgento helps to build a Unified Customer Profile that provides a detail report of the activity, past actions, aspects, and choice of each and every visitor or customer. This report in return helps business owners, product managers and service providers to serve 1:1 customer with real-time actions as per personalized preferences.

It helps in identifying your business goals, from different data which are important to build the customer profile. Botgento helps you understand the customer essential. Its advanced marketing technology helps you glance customer success with proper reach on time.

Multiple Conversations

Brand loyalty is maintained by Botgento as it’s designed to process with information it receives with a right available response. Botgento allows you to connect and build repo with multiple customers at a time with the auto-response option.

Customers always expect a fast and accurate response from the business they love to follow and therefore Botgento helps in removing the constraints of handling multi-tab operations and makes conversational experience rich with customers.

Secure & Safe

Botgento is a next- level conversational chatbot for your Magento store. It uses standard authentication methods to handle customer service and maintains the flow with protecting the privacy concern of the business operations like transactions, payment, and personal data.

Botgento helps to grow your business with the right security and integration that allows enterprises or business owners to perform a much more successful action without any borderline.

24/7 Support

Botgento offers every business owner to relax with response time as it understands each individual customer requirements and reacts on the same with quick answers. Botgento allows ensuring the right solution at right time to the right customer.

It provides assistance available for 24x7 for your customers which indeed is helpful. Such customer experience builds confidence knowing that a highly skilled chatbot is available just on a buzz.

Our Features

Make your store enhanced with the latest features of Botgento. Real fix for all your eCommerce marketing needs.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Unlimited Broadcast

Unlimited Broadcasts

Botgento gives you a seamless messaging experience with your customers through Facebook Messenger Chatbot, that too unlimited. You can generate high engagement by broadcasting your store events without any limitation and within the app that leads to great sales.

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Botgento Abandon Cart View

Abandon Cart

Abandoned Cart recovery aims to make it extremely easier for businesses to convert website visitors into buyers by targeting cart abandoners with a timely generated context that is relevant for re-engagement which fascinate them to get back and complete the purchase like success.

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Botgento: Revenue Report View

Revenue Report

Revenue report is based on your store activities from different marketing techniques that are actually generating revenues for your business. This report gives you a clear idea where to go with based on past records. Everything you will get within the dashboard that makes your business actions more excellent.

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Why Adopt Bot For Business

If your business is looking for a better approach to interact with your customers, a chatbot can be the true companion then.

  • 56%

    People would rather message than call customer service.

  • 1.3

    Billion active users

  • 53%

    People are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

Why Lines
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  • 2

    Billion Messages

  • 60

    Million ongoing business

  • 30K

    Active Messenger Bots

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