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We provide an easiest Facebook chatbot builder platform, specifically for Magento.

Our Journey

We figured out a common issue of every site-owners, as they intend to put dying efforts for their marketing campaigns in order to increase the sales through Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Push notification and lot more. But nowadays, these traditional marketing channels have lost their significance because people open less email and social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts.

To be more trustworthy to our clients, we constantly looking for ways to eCommerce marketing and many times we helped them with some helpful marketing ideas to make their brand noticeable across the globe. During this practice, we came to know about various innovations in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence). And one of the latest AI trends which have grabbed our attention was Chatbot integration with the Facebook Messenger. What an initiative from the Facebook community!

The future we predict

Taking the idea forward, we questioned ourselves, why can't we make a user-friendly platform that can integrate eCommerce business with Facebook Messenger? So after weeks of brainstorming, analyzing and seeing every face of such innovative idea, we have started to implement an advanced, robust and easy to use platform that can integrate chatbot on Facebook messenger. And that is how Botgento born!

Botgento for Magento lovers

Botgento integrates Facebook messenger chatbot with Magento website. If you own an eCommerce store, and if you're finding better ways to communicate with customers then Botgento can push you with a new trial on Facebook messenger.

Chatbot powered by Botgento can simply substitute your marketing team, as it gives a pleasant messaging experience by answering every single query to customers, sometimes your marketing member failed to do so. Chatbot service can handle big mass simultaneously, that too with very low cost, available for 24/7 with all required information and never makes your customers unhappy.

Along with that, we care about user-friendly experience, services with high data-security, reliable and scalable which fits for future requirements. That means we are committing to follow best practice in development, deployment, and operations in order to convert your website visitors into life-long subscribers.

We believe every business should be able to use this new way of communication with their customers. And our goal is to make chatbot integration easy for everyone. So even if you don’t know the coding then also you can be up and be running with your full-featured chatbot in a matter of minutes with our easy installation.

"Technology has always been there but now the scale has multiplied. Use of right technology is the game changer" keeping this in mind, we as a Botgento, Just for You.

Build your own shopping bot within 5 minutes with hassle-free installation.
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