Earlier in 80’s, the powerful GUI interface developed by XEROX, Macintosh, and Windows made the relationship between humans and computers more intimate and direct.

Till today, efforts are being made to chew the communication barrier between humans and computers and the software are designed to work as the clever human software and not just some static system.

E-commerce is one such field where interaction between the system and customers has become imperative.

With dynamic leaps every minute in the technological arena, e-commerce platform can’t stay aloof from the latest methods for bettering interaction with the customers.

The chatbot is one such witty trend which has gained traction in the e-commerce stream and is expected to evolve the way interaction is done and customer care services are given.

So, what is Botgento?

Think of a scenario… You are an e-commerce owner. In order to make a fully functional platform, you buy a lot of extensions. These extensions undoubtedly improve the performance of your website, but considering the high expense, how hard would it be to hit the break-even point?

Also, the average person spends 17 minutes on Facebook every day. That’s way too much than your personal platform.

You need an inexpensive way of interacting with your audience and giving them a permanent touchpoint. It can be done by integrating Facebook Messenger Chatbot and Magento website.


Integration is not a piece of cake. Just to deliver the said, Botgento is used as a linking channel.

Botgento smartly reduces the necessity of extensions like “Push Notifications” and engages customers through one of the finest social messengers— Facebook Chat Messenger.

It helps you to target your audience where they spend the maximum time.

But that’s not it. A user who subscribes to the chatbot on Messenger can also reap benefits like Order Confirmation, Shipping Tracking, Abandoned Cart Reminder, etc.

In a nutshell, a user can perform all the major e-commerce activities through the Facebook Messenger Bot.

So, how does Botgento work?

Chatbot powered e-commerce can easily be achieved by executing a few simple steps in Botgento. It can be separated into two working phase— setting up and final usage.

Setting up:

  1. The Botgento account is created.
  2. The website is added to the Botgento account.
  3. Install and enabled Botgento extension from admin panel of your Magento Website.

Final usage:

  1. Getting users on board and compelling them to use your chatbot in Facebook Messenger.
  2. Once they become the subscriber, they can ask any question regarding their shopping.

Now that you know what Botgento is, let’s discover 10 things you didn’t know about Botgento.

Customer’s viewpoint

Botgento minimizes the use of applications: A customer had to download different applications for different e-commerce. With Botgento, different websites can build their own chatbots on Facebook Messenger. This makes it easier for the customers to skim through all the chatbots without leaving the main application. Basically, Botgento fulfills the dream of Facebook for acting as an umbrella for all the commerce.

Botgento saves time: Research shows that an average person spends 43 days in a lifetime on customer care hold. With the help of Botgento powered chatbot, a customer wouldn’t fritter away his precious time in registering grievances and expecting the solution. Instead, the bot would give customers a reason to stay connected to the brands.

Botgento for in-depth comparison: Botgento based bots over Facebook Messenger allows the customers to do the easy comparisons. They just have to interact with different chatbots and get the answers on the same messenger page. With this, they’d be able to analyze multiple-options without switching the website tabs.

Botgento for the smoother journey: Almost 81% of the user buy after arming themselves with product information online. But Sometimes, the shopping experience is hampered by the lack of information. Practically, we all want hassle-free and seamless experience— an experience which doesn’t look like a drag to us. The Botgento prevents us from the experience which could have been a drag for us. Its bot on FB chat messenger can just pop-out and give additional information on the product. This results in smoother shopping journey.

Botgento for levying less stress: 94% of customers feel dreadful to call customer-care service. This snatches the opportunity from brands to overcome the service issues. Botgento hands over this opportunity back to the e-commerce owners and bridles the fear of customers. The witty and helpful ai bot by Botgento gives the automatic service control to the vendors and timely-response creates credibility in the minds of the users.

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Store owner’s viewpoint

Botgento for everyone: Botgento is not restricted to large-scale enterprises. It believes in the credo of “turning every Online Store into a Chatbot,” irrespective of their sizes and turnovers. Most SMBs spend around 7-12% in marketing their stores. Despite hard-marketing, they miss out on growth perspectives. AI bot built-over Botgento gives SMBs bleeding edge spaces for digitally marketing their stores at inexpensive rates.

Botgento for personifying the brand: When you interact with customers, you don’t interact— your brand does. It’s all about how you project your brand personality to your customers. With Botgento’s AI bot, you can create a variety of personas. Your bot can have multiple conversational styles like friendly, nerdy, or humorous. But remember— whatever your brand does, a customer can’t give you a benefit of doubt saying “it’s a bot and we should let go its drawbacks.”

Botgento for collecting keywords: As marketing goes online, the value of user-generated data has increased massively. User-generated content can be filtered and refined to draw out important stats and keywords for better targeting and web optimization. But who likes to fill the surveys or forms? We wouldn’t fill a data form for Amazon. Would we? With the help of Botgento integration, you can get user content without friction. That can be channelized in improving the services and page optimization.

Botgento for upselling and cross-selling: SaaS companies almost spend 1.18$ to earn 1$ from a new customer whereas they only do $0.28 of spending from an upsell. This tells us the dominance of up-selling. So, is there a way to use it in a one-to-one conversation? Of course. With Botgento based assistant, a customer can be suggested with the related items and reminded with the previously sold items.

Botgento for automatic responses: The AI chatbot is still in the commencement phase. In most of the cases, bots fail to understand complex languages. In that scenario, a customer might desert the conversation. Botgento doesn’t want that. It gives you the unique power to show “pre-written, smart replies” to your users. They just have to click the replies, and it gets very simpler for the bot to reflect answers.


As the number of Facebook Messenger Chatbot crosses the landmark figure of 300,000, it’s crystal clear that brands are using chatbots for simplifying their customer-care house and enhancing shopper’s experience.

With Botgento powered bot, ROI will definitely surge. That’s due to two primary reasons: continuous ears to your customers will result in higher engagement and conversion whereas cost cutting in-service-area would automatically improve your balance sheet.

So, did you automate your work? Have you tried this overly-gifted and powerful driver for your business? Let’s us know the impact of chatbots in your business in the comment section.

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