In recent time, the way in which chatbot benefits a company’s business model is better understood. Chatbot can help your business align with what both employees and consumers want to experience. Integrating a chatbot provides many benefits and some of the generalised benefits listed here:

Latest trend

Yes, you read right! It’s one of the latest trends when we specifically talk about multi-purpose functionalities all together on a single platform – Facebook messenger. If you have a Facebook page, then you deserve to create your personal chatbot and engage your Facebook community right in messenger.

We at Botgento predicts, your chatbot will serve you for next couple of decade. So if you want to chat with your customers through conversational robots, this is the time to go live and get the chance to be one of the early adopters among your community.

Available anytime

No matter what time of the day it is and how many people reached simultaneously, chatbots will converse with each one of them and that too with accurate answers.

Sometimes your human employee feels tired, distracted, busy or off-work, but chatbot who is your one of the trusted and reliable employee will always be there on time, always ready to help. Once set or has been taught what they have to do, they will do a fruitful job for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cheers!

User attentiveness

Zephoria statistics says there are 1.74 billion Mobile Facebook active users over the 2.01 billion Facebook users across the globe. And figures are also growing by the time you read this.

Because of such massive attentiveness for the messaging apps, Most B2C communication channels have lost their spark, and for the good reason. So talking about the bottom line which says, in the very near future chatbots will bridge the communication gap between you and your audience. And the trend is ON!

Quick response

It’s obvious many times, you aren’t satisfied with the customer service, and one of the main reason may be a late response. But this is not the case for chat robots.

Say your query and get accurate answers in seconds. This helps people save time and be more productive. With quickness to reply, they will always treat a customer well no matter how rough the person is or how foul language the person uses. So if we talking about customer satisfaction then chat robots can do a far better job than your human-force do.

Works more – costs less

Assuming in order to be available for 24 hours you’re hiring and investing for 8-10 person, that to give best possible customer care experience. That wouldn’t be a cheap affair if your revenue is not high or sales target are not met.

On the other hand, your all-time available chat robot would drastically bring down the expenses and bring about a steep rise in sales and customer satisfaction. In fact, your chatbot can handle loads of conversations altogether compared to one or two by your highly paid team individual.

So, Chatbots are definitely the cheapest and fastest way of providing an engaging experience to users. They do have a wide list of benefits depending on your business and usage purpose. Nowadays people are more comfortable with chat rather than call so it’s obvious to say that there is a chatbot revolution coming.

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