Chatbots – the term looks familiar to you? I guess most of you are aware of it because the same has been in the trend for quite some time now and making all the positive buzz in and around the digital market. Now, when we talk about the chatbots, we cannot afford to overlook Facebook messenger bots as they are the front-runner among all the other available.

Chatbots are not the new thing but are available since more than a decade but they were not smarter before and were not used frequently. Facebook messenger bots have begun the new era of chatbots and there is no stopping even soon. Before we dig more about the technical aspects of the bots, we must have a look at what Facebook messenger and its bots are?

FB Messenger and its Bots Overview
Facebook Messenger is the third most used messenger app around the globe having around 70% share in the market. The messenger apps are the best medium of communication in today’s world. The success of WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram and Line Messenger is quite a good example of the ever-rising popularity of such apps.
However, these messenger apps are not as smart as a Facebook messenger is, though they are also using the chatbots to make the communication easier for their users, they lack the artificial intelligence and machine learning factors.

Facebook messenger app has stepped ahead and has integrated AI and machine learning with its Chatbots. This helps the business community over the platform to deal with their customers in an easy, effective, smart and productive conduct.

There are around 300,000 Facebook chatbots up and running. FB is continuously putting more efforts on messenger bots because of the ever-growing demand of the business people and their increasing dependencies on the technology. This social media giant has understood the significance of chatbots and has foreseen how effective they could be and hence, it is stretching the limitations of chatbots with upgraded technology and technical algorithms.

Boon for the Business Arena

Facebook messenger bot is nothing less than a boon for active businessmen over the platform. It can help them in the following ways:

Instant Help – As per a survey, 88% of the customers feel happy to get the problem solved over chat. Chatbot helps them in offering the instant solution of the immediate problems that they are facing.

How – The Facebook chatbots are AI enabled and can solve the business problems of varied types. They are customized as per the mode of the businesses and hence, are effective in coming up with a logical solution in a fraction of seconds.

Language and Availability – Customers can face a problem or can have the query at any point in time. Also, while most of the businesses are going global, the difference in time-zones and languages can be a barrier in serving the customers. But with Facebook bots, the languages and time zones are not a problem anymore.

How – These chatbots are designed in multiple languages and with machine learning feature, they learn about the common of the languages and make the customers feel like as if they are talking to a real human which also helps in building the faith of the customers in the brand and the company.

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Personal Touch – AI chatbots are smart enough to read the interest of the users and choices they make. They provide suggestions and ideas to the users that suit them the best and help them in making their decision.

How - If you have an online store at Facebook, then AI chatbots will follow the movement of your customers and will offer them the suggestions of the products that they are interested in. This way customers do not find it difficult to shop for the desired thing and get the same within seconds if available on the online portal.

A Perfect Guide – The chatbots come up with storage facility. You can load a variety of data into the same and can program the bots to guide the user as per his query or problem statement. Now when you load the data about how your portal works, how customers can make a purchase and other miscellaneous things, the customers get the answers to their questions quickly.

How – The chatbots are programmed in a way that they call the data based on the keyword available in the question. They less than 10 seconds in getting the most relevant answer to the customer.

Cutting the Process Short – When you integrate your portal with the Facebook messenger, the bots cut the need of going through the portal and provide the solution to the customer via the messenger app only.

How – If a customer needs to purchase a product from your store, s/he is not required to follow the complete process but can directly purchase it from messenger app where the required information is stored in prior. Thus, it saves the time of the customers.

Facebook Messenger Bots - Bigger Approach

The apps have been into the market since long and are also serving their purpose, but they are just front-line managers and have their limitations. They cannot help the customer beyond their programming level. On the other hand, the bots are designed to evolve. It’s their characteristics to keep getting bigger and better. Having the power of AI, machine learning and data storage, the bots are here to stay for a longer period.

Now considering the Facebook messenger bots, the best among the available lot is productively helping the business people by helping them in every possible aspect – be it working as a virtual reception, be it becoming a portal guide and be it providing the trade insight to the business owners. They are covering the ground in a better way and are becoming independent yet faithful quickly. Thus, to sustain, grow and revolutionize your online business, FB messenger bot is the must.

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