The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them but to exceed them. Preferably in an unexpected and helpful way! - Richard Branson

In today’s digitalized and highly competitive world, most brands know the winning battle of customer’s success that depends on providing exceptional customer experience which is comparatively known as a new type of endeavor called customer success. In the present scenario, companies have to stand out by providing the best possible customer experiences and also investing significantly in customer success platform. The term customer experience doesn’t end when the customer can successfully use a product but actually what are their experiences about the product as they start using the product. The success of your business is completely intertwined on your customer’s success, if your customer gets success while using your product then your business will automatically succeed and that what’s customer success process is all about securing that your customer will purely satisfied after using your product. Have you ever thought about how you can help your customer to succeed in using your product in the short-term as well as in the long-term?

  • Implementation of the innovative ideas time to time
  • Real-time visibility about customer’s interest
  • Give customers a new way of experience like never before

By leveraging these three aspects, a business takes a distinctive approach to ensure its customers that will surely get benefit from continual use of the product. Customer experience basically means how a customer can get a better experience from your product and how companies can understand that their customers are getting a better experience. Alternatively, customer success helps companies to better understand the customer experience when the customers are habitual of using your product and services. Customer success focuses on the ways in which customer is using your product or services in an efficient way. To retain customer success for the long term it is better to understand the concepts of customer’s perspective of

  • How?
  • Why?
  • And reading the interest of the customer to ensure that it will keep using your products and services

Customer experience is all about interaction about the product

Customer experience is defined as the interaction about the product with the customer and the environments in which the customer experiences like in online mode or physical mode. Customer experience does not limit only to interact with the product or services; it also means how the customer felt when he or she used the product for the very first time or for the next time. Through this process, the business will get to know whether the customer interactions meet the expectations and this way it increases customer loyalty and satisfaction towards the product or services.

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Customer success is all about the relationship between business and customers

Customer success is defined as the relationship between the customers and business with the intention to make the customer fortunate and successful with the product or service they are using as well as to increase the customer’s lifetime value of using that product or service. Customer success is all about maintaining a relationship with the customers, optimal use of the product and most important to increase the customer’s success ratio of using the product and implementing the impressive customer success strategy to get to know about the product success & customer health metric and applying this data in the most efficient way so that a business can identify ways in which customer can use the product or services in a more productive way.

Customer experience is proactive in nature

Customer experience is proactive in nature it means that you can aim to experience your product or service to every customer. It is an approach in which you create or control a situation if the customer experience is not satisfied after using your product or service. It aims to stay with customers as long as they are with your brand or thinking about your brand. It is not a one-time interaction with the customers, it always tracks how likely a customer is experiencing and recommending your product to others.

Customer success is reactive in nature

It means that if the customer is not satisfied with your product then the customer success ratio plunges. Customer will show or give a response about the product or service whether they have liked your product or not. By their success ratio, a company can know about the perception and interest of the customer and can work according to retain and increase their customer success ratio by implementing innovative ideas to their products or services.

Customer experience is tactical

Customer experience is tactical because it involves all types of interactions which a business has done to know more about its brand or product. A customer’s experience always depends on the customer experience strategy that company wants to implement and through those strategies or strategies, the company will get to know about the impact, the customer is experiencing with their product because their strategies are aligned with the customer’s experience.

Customer success is product focused

Customer success means the customer’s outcome which comes after using the product or services. For instance, if the customers are not buying your product that means their experiences are not well off in buying and more importantly they are buying experiences about the product or services and ultimately it leads to mere product’s success whether it is exponentially increasing or reducing drastically.

There are various other metrics you can consider when reviewing customer experiences as well as customer success such as customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, product quality and one of the most important is customer success certification it helps businesses in analyzing customer success ratio and provides a framework to ensure that the companies are fulfilling customer’s expectations and reaching towards their desired business outcomes. Through this certification, a business can work across a customer line of business and allow them to develop and implement an innovative approach towards the high growth of the business.

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