The abandoned cart is the biggest obstacle in the path of the flourishing e-commerce industry. The increasing number of such carts is making the industry loose million dollars business and the number is increasing every year by at least 5%. Thus, it has become quite crucial to come up with a rational solution to target this ever-rising problem. An abandoned cart is the term used for the situation – when a customer adds the products to its cart but leave without purchasing them. Among a few options available for abandoned cart recovery, Botgento chatbot is the best as it analyses the problem quite well and contacts the customers with the better call-to-action proposal.

Before we dig further on – how Botgento works and why is the most effective method for abandoned cart recovery, we must check where the most recommended solution, email marketing campaign, fails.

The e-mail marketing campaign is the most used option for the abandoned cart recovery but let’s go through the expectation vs reality process to check if it is good to go with.

Expectation – E-mails look professional and thus, it can convert the customers easily.

Reality – Customers look for the personal touch and not professional.

Expectation – E-mail campaigns have high rates of getting opened.

Reality – Yes do they have but does the customer read the content after opening it or just open for the sake of keeping it inbox updated? Chances of the latter one are higher.

Expectation – A logically designed e-mail campaign can bring back most of the customers to the cart.

Reality – No, e-mail campaigns are not that capable because they are being used for a long time but have been unable to change the statistics for good.

Expectation – E-mail remains in the box and thus, can remind the customer about the abandoned cart at any point of time.

Reality – The older e-mails are rarely opened as the customer receives numerous emails on daily basis and hence, the chances of them coming under notice remain negligible.

Expectation – E-mail interacts with a customer in better conduct and hence, it is an advisable option to bring back the client.

Reality – E-mails looks robotic and are flooded with complete professional approach and structure which does not appeal the user. Thus, the customer does not interact with it.

Expectation – E-mail gives the customer liberty to respond whenever he wants. Thus, a better medium to communicate.

Reality – Though, it provides liberty to revert as per convenience, but it also lessens the chances of bringing the customer back because he loses interest by then.

Expectation – e-mail asks for immediate action, and hence, customer come back to the cart as soon as they see the mail.

Reality – 90% of such emails are not even opened immediately. By the time, customer look at the mail, he probably loses interest in going back and completing the purchase.

The utter difference between the expectations and reality of email marketing campaign does not make it an ideal option for abandoned cart recovery.

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How Shopping Chatbot can Turn the Tables in Favour of eCommerce Businesses?

AI chatbot is the most beneficial innovation of recent times as the same has brought the positive difference in the digital industry, especially in client communication segment. Botgento Facebook messenger chatbot and AI chatbot can ring the bell for the e-commerce industry. See how –

Personal Touch – AI chatbot offers the personal touch to the customers. Clients prefer talking or interacting with an individual on chat and not via e-mails. Thus, when you try to reach the customers to bring him back to the cart, he loves to receive the proposal via chat.

Believable – When you propose an offer to bring back the customer to the cart via mail, the customers believe it to be quite fishy as he thinks that some terms & conditions must be there. But, offer made through chatbot looks more convincing to them.

Quick & Simple – While in the email, customers must look for the link to the shopping portal, whereas client can continue with the purchase process while being on the chatbot as the same has inbuilt check out process.

Intelligent – AI chatbots are quite intelligent in reading the moves of the customers. Thus, they can analyze the probable reason that led the customer to leave the cart and hence, they can make the best proposal on their own to interact with the customers.

Automated – Shopping bot is master in learning through customer experience and can drive whole remarketing process on its own and can bring the positive results better than manual e-mail marketing campaigns. Thus, it saves your time and energy.

The present-day e-commerce business demand for the quick, automated and intelligent solution to settle its key problems, like – abandoned cart recovery. Botgento chatbot fits into their demand frame as it is capable of quickly integrating with the customers. It is known for its automation and can make the perfect decision on its own. In addition, it is the wisest innovation as it learns through customers experience and provides them the solution in the way they expect. Thus, they are better than other options in bringing the consumers back to the cart.

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