We know you might be wondering what does abandoned cart mean? Well, when a visitor leaves your e-commerce store before completing the desired steps is referred to as Abandonment. In the same context if a visitor adds an item to the online shopping cart and leaves without purchasing it is known as shopping cart abandonment.

According to a survey, a large number of online shopping customers abandon their carts before making a purchase, and a majority of those customers do not provide their email addresses. As a result e-commerce shop owners can't send an email to evoke the customers of the items they have left behind in their abandoned cart.

And even if the customers provide their email addresses, millions of abandoned cart emails that are sent fails to retarget the customers. No matter how comprehensive team of testers, designers, strategist, and copywriters you have it's tough to determine if the campaign will turn out to be effective. This is because a minority of the cart abandoners will open those emails and just a few of them will follow your emails and return back to the store but still there’s no real way to improve the open rates. Remarketing is expensive and has very low engagement rate, and email efficiency is at an all-time low. Instead of opting for a way that has little improvement to retarget your customers we must look for something new.

If you look at the latest communication trends, chat is absolutely dominating which you can presumably correlate with yourself. Today customers prefer using instant messengers instead of calling or visiting the store and even small to big businesses make use of chat applications like Slack and Skype. Recently when Facebook announced the Messenger bots in 2016, it brought in a lot of excitement and marketers knew this was a huge opportunity and could be the next big thing in e-commerce. In fact, today chatbot technology is something that is being used in pretty much every country around the world.

As stated earlier in our blogs, chatbot is a technology that allows your customers to shop directly in the facebook messenger. But little did the e-commerce store owner know that they can use chatbot to re-engage with cart abandoners via Facebook Messenger. This remarketing approach is quite simple, just bring out your best-performing abandoned cart emails and convert it into Facebook messages. With chatbots, you can send a unique, personalised message to the customers who added a product to their cart and left without purchasing it. Majority of them will open the message and most of them will return back to your website.

Email vs. Messenger Chatbot

Below are some key differences that will show you why preferring chatbots over emails will help you retrieve your customers in a more effective manner.

Eminent open rates

The abandoned cart messages sent through emails have a very low open rate. Especially when you have a considerably less traffic on your e-commerce website the open rates are much lower. Whereas the average open rate for abandoned cart messages on the messenger is comparatively quite high. In fact, nearly all your messages will be read on the messenger platform as it has a large number of active users.

Higher click-through rates

Sending a reminder message and your customers opening them is not enough. What's more significant is that whether they click the link attached to complete the procedure. If they don't click they are less likely to buy. Thankfully, Chatbot is an ideal platform for reminding your customers as they can continue the shopping right within the chatbot without having to go through the link.

Greater response rates

Chatbot offers a much more personal way of communication. And who does not loves personal recognition? You’ll gain more responses and feedback than ever before. And a lot more customers will even ask you questions regarding the products for which they might have abandoned the cart. This will give you a chance to regain them back.

Everything goes to the inbox

Unlike emails, chatbots don't carry multiple folders like spam, promotional or updates folder. You don't have to worry about where your message will be delivered. You can sit back and relax as everything goes straight to the inbox.

That’s it!

Now that you know the benefits a chatbot has over emails to retrieve your customers, you can too send abandoned cart prompts right to your customers’ Messenger inbox with Botgento- A chatbot development platform. Now you can enjoy excellent results and insanely high engagement and most importantly, enjoy all that additional money you’re going to make! And yes, Don't forget to keep your eyes open to welcome your customers on facebook messenger.