After its arrival, Artificial Intelligence has been making our lives easier and smoother. AI systems can go through the data a lot faster to discover new trends that might deceive the human eye with the enormous amount of computational power it has. But complementing the same statement, allowing AI to perform monotonous and tedious chores will let the human operators focus on other productive tasks. There is no doubt in that, Artificial intelligence will completely modify the term "employment" in the near future.

According to a survey, over the coming years, AI will actually create more jobs rather than stripping the existing ones by 2020. Professionals believe that AI has the potential for a positive transformation in the industry and is not looked upon as a threat. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is more likely to help humans than replace them because a blend of men and machines will function more efficiently rather than humans or machines operating alone.

The only jobs that will be at threat from smart and efficient AI will be the low-skilled ones as no more humans will be required for the tasks that require repetitive inputs. This will unlock up new opportunities and demands for proficient and skilled workforces. Employees will be encouraged to enhance their skillsets that will make themselves more valuable and beneficial in roles that will truly require the sole human touch. There will be emerging job opportunities for new positions that will require highly skilled, management and even the entry-level and low-skilled employees.

How will you get a Job in AI in the near future?

When it comes to AI, It is really important to update your skill set and education. Below are few things that experts advise to enhance your abilities that will help you get jobs in the field of artificial intelligence in the future.

Opt for online courses: Like all other fields, there are many courses available for AI that will allow you to learn more about the field completely or get some specialised knowledge.

Connect with groups: Discovering from others in this field can further refine your skills, so keep an eye on local workshops or related meetups.

Keep Reading: The ones operating in AI should constantly be learning, and reading is the means to do that. Keep subscribing and reading scientific papers and magazines as the real trick is to read and only read.

Future speculators firmly believe that the following jobs will be most in demand by the year 2020 in the new AI sphere.

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Research scientist
  • R&D engineer
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Computer vision engineer

So what happens next?

For now, it is essential to take a pause and prepare. These are just a few of the many jobs that will probably be created in the coming future. Artificial Intelligence is making a lot of sense lately as it takes over the work of the world. AI is growing and elaborating human abilities which means something very interesting is going to unfold as the years pass by. If harnessed and mastered well, Artificial Intelligence could possibly form a great period of mankind, with more potency and creativity than ever before, rather than the unemployment threats.

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