New age customer service and digital marketing are reaping rich rewards with the use of chatbots or simply bots. Chatbots are redefining the way we do business in a variety of ways from fueling conversation to scheduling meetings to acting as virtual assistants – the application is endless.

One very interesting use of chatbots is in the realm of blogging and vlogging. If you are a YouTuber, blogger or social media influencer, then you must leverage the power of an AI-powered chatbot to enhance your offering. Here’s what a bot can do for your audience:

It can publish regular updates directly in the message inbox, sell fan merchandise, and provide a customized feed to your audience.

24/7 availability
No matter how efficient you are, you can’t be available all the time. A bot will allow you to engage with your fans and followers on all social
channels 24/7.

Increase your likes, views and audience
With a personalized subscription offer for fans to view your latest content, be it videos or blogs, chatbots allow you to send live updates to thousands of your fans. Shareable content links will ensure you get more views and increase your fan base.

Provide rich content
In a fraction of the time that you spend normally, you will be able to engage with your fans and collaborate better. Bots will help you create awesome conversational surveys, forms, polls and other rich and engaging content.

Sell fan merchandise and publish sponsored content
You will be able to send merchandise straight from the bot with eCommerce integrations. You can also provide sponsored bot content to advertisers, thereby adding to your revenue. Social sharing bot tools help you to sell more, sell better, even sell tickets with targeted advertising.

Use analytics to serve better
By using data and analytics, you can serve your audience better. You can drive actionable and sponsored posts to select or segmented groups based on language or geography.

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Use Case: CGI fashion influencer at the peak of her fameConsider the recent case of Lil Miquela, a highly celebrated Instagram influencer and fashion IT girl. Only the catch is that Lil Miquela is the fashion world’s first CGI influencer or BOT who has created quite the buzz and following.So much that, Prada enlisted the services of Lil Miquela who promoted their Fall 18 collection on Instagram, much to everyone’s surprise.

Lil Miquela signals the beginning of a new revolution in influencer marketing where brands use technology and analytics for brand building. As influencer marketing gains more prominence, hundreds of new experts and influencers emerge each year on various channels. It is only logical that businesses use technology and Artificial Intelligence to find the ‘right’ kind of influencer for their brand values and audience.

In another successful campaign, CoverGirl created one of the first influencer chatbot campaigns using algorithms to emulate an actual influencer’s conversational style.They built Kalani Bot a bot version of Kalani Hilliker, famous 16-year-old American model, dancer and TV celebrity.

The brand was transparent about their usage of a bot. The results were astonishing: 14 times more conversation with the chatbot, overall 91% positive sentiment, an average of 17 messages per conversation, 48% leading to coupon delivery and 51% click-through on coupons delivered.

Build your own influencer bot
If you have your social strategy in place, then you can build a powerful bot influencer that automates most of your tasks. It is a great idea to start with one or two social media channels.

Designing a unique voice, identity and vocabulary for your bot will make it more real and memorable for your audience. Imagine your ideal buyer persona and now create a character that appeals to this persona.

Several bloggers, vloggers, YouTube personalities and fashion influencers are now using bots to feed more content and data to them and experiencing great results.

Users visiting a blog are often looking for specific information and chatbots can give them instant access to what they are looking for without confusing them with irrelevant posts or information.

As bloggers or influencers, you can take your game to the next level by delivering personalized experiences and storing all relevant conversation information in your chatbot for future use.

Bots are here to stay and have already made a huge impact in several areas of customer experience and digital marketing. And why not? They are easy to use, engaging, reduce bounce rates.

Several modern companies have started using the chatbot space for blogging – e.g. Sephora, TechCrunch etc.

If you are considering blogging as a potential move to engage your audience, sell merchandise or influence the audience, then give serious thought to bots as an option.

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