We are excited to announce the private beta launch of Botgento, apparently, the easiest way to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot and increase your customer's engagement via messaging! Commencing today, we are offering access to the private beta version of Botgento which will be launching in the first week of January 2018, with an intention to offer free services till we make our platform publicly open to everyone at early April 2018. With the launch happening soon, we will be giving you all a chance to get your free access to our private beta over the next few weeks. Until then we will be working on Botgento to add new features and enhance the existing one.

What is Botgento?

Botgento is an advanced, user-friendly and easy to use platform which helps to integrate Facebook Messenger chatbots for your Magento website without any coding skills. The platform helps you build the course in which you want the chatbot to interact with a customer and enter the expected responses that you want the chatbot to give to your customer in a conversation. Botgento is one of the best chatbot development platform and prominently preferred for its ease of development and functionalities.

How does it work?

You can set up a Chatbot for your Magento store easily with the help of Botgento, assigning it with a name, avatar, and relevant greeting messages. Next, you can personalise your Chatbot’s responses by pre-defining answers for the most frequently asked questions. From a simple greeting from your customers to specific product/category shopping requests, you can automate responses for almost anything. Below are some screenshots that will give you an idea of how your Magento store will interact with your customers through automated responses with the help of a chatbot built with Botgento.


Now you can understand, the more questions you give Chatbot to learn, the more accurate it will be in fetching the right answers.

What Are the Benefits?

To know exactly: Watch Botgento features tour

Most of the businesses do not have a dedicated medium to revert back to the messages coming from platforms like Facebook Messenger. Botgento makes sure that these messages always get an answer. Moreover, more and more people are now using messaging apps, thus Botgento lets you engage your customers on a popular messaging platform like Facebook. Botgento bots have traits that will make the lives of business owners easier and will save their hard earned money and time by reducing their dependence on humans. Not only this, along with offering the warmth and personalisation to your clients, bots will also handle the customer queries more quickly.

Launching Soon

Now that you know the importance of a chatbot you should not wait to grab this opportunity. Botgento is waiting to welcome you to their early adopter's list. We will not be charging for Botgento during the private beta. Our service will be completely free till we launch the public beta version later in April 2018. Not only this, after launching publicly, we'll also be offering a 1-month free trial to all our existing service users as well as to our new subscribers. Our aim is to make Botgento available to everyone  thus we will be offering it at a fair and affordable price in the future.

You can access our private beta over the next few weeks as the launch will be happening soon in the first week of January 2018. So what are you waiting for? We're expecting good numbers of early adopters, don't miss this great opportunity and request your free early access now!