We all have been utilizing Artificial Intelligence in our day to day activities. Before we realize, AI is becoming part of many aspects of our lives and we are completely depending on it more and more with each passing day. Whether it is a virtual assistant like Siri and Google Now, smart home appliances or smart cars, AI is making our tasks easier than we were expecting. One such marvelous example is AI Chatbots.

The idea behind the research and development of Chatbot has always been based on the following:

  • To understand end user’s behavioral patterns, emotions, and barriers.
  • To analyze the data automatically with the help of AI programs.
  • Aiding customers with useful solutions without human interaction.

Same is the case when it comes to handling and evaluating endless user data for eCommerce sites to generate some great leads. And when it comes to eCommerce store or website, about 11% of these sites are built using Magento, thereby making it one of the most used eCommerce CMS across the globe.

With such a popularity, Magento developers have been looking for ways to create artificial intelligence solutions for eCommerce stores. Today there is a wide range of AI tools and extensions available for offering custom eCommerce experience for each customer. One such trending technology is of chatbots for Magento that has been changing the future of eCommerce businesses.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Magento:

1. Personalized User Experience

You might have noticed how difficult it becomes for we humans to give personal opinions and advice to customers based on their behavior and other relevant data. But with Chatbot and AI you can target the right consumers, with the right information at the right moment.

However, powered by AI programs, chatbots for eCommerce site can decipher thousands of customers needs and offers a personalized user experience, all without any human intervention.

2. Your Virtual Shopping Assistant

When you go out for shopping you must have seen there are certain people that assist you in buying goods or services. When you shop online from an eCommerce store, Chatbots for businesses will assist you in the same manner but this time it will be virtually.

You can expect it to display you all the products you are willing to buy or suggest you some trending ones right within your chat window. Apart from this, chatbots will allow you to add products to the cart and complete the checkout along with the payment process.

3. Customer Support

Instead of spending millions on appointing customer care representative why not build a chatbot for your store that will not only provide effective 24/7 Customer service but also will fix problems much faster than a human brain. Right from greeting to ordering online to tracking your order, chatbots will offer everything that a human will as a part of their customer service. These Chatbots can be built through Facebook messenger and can also be linked directly to your eStore.

Looking to build a Chatbot for your store?

If the answer is yes then Botgento is the right platform to rely on. Botgento helps you build chatbots for Magento that will respond to all the customer requests with much ease. Your customers will be able to search, ask and buy right from the chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger instead of having to wait for your customer care representative to be available. So, what are you waiting for? Go, give it a try!