The marketing industry is always changing and the technology has always been a bigger part of it, from paper pamphlets to social media. With the expanded rivalry in business, customer maintenance has turned into a major ordeal, let alone getting new customers.

Giving quality customer service has become really crucial for the businesses. They need to get services from where they invest most of their time. Certainly, messaging apps are where you can attract your customers from.

If you have a look around, messaging apps have outperformed any other social media platform. So the possibility of achieving your customers is more with the help of messaging apps. Nowadays, there is this latest online marketing trend that has gained popularity in such short span of time —popularly known as, Chat Bots.

What does Chatbot mean?

You can consider them as a chat application that works like a supportive network for marketers, by operating as a customer care representative. A chatbot is built with an artificial intelligent program whose main aim is to help the humans for their requirements.

The Chatbots are gaining immense popularity in such a short span of time. From marketers to clients, this new technology has been serving them in all possible ways. The Chatbots, in reality, have turned into a piece of digital marketing.

But what’s the deal ChatBots have to do with digital marketing?

Increases user engagement:

As we all know that consumers have become busier like never before! All they want is quick responses and instant services. With the customer care representatives receiving calls and handling requirements, customers need to be on hold for an additional time.

But with chatbots, customers can have speedy conversations thereby increasing interaction and exchange of significant data all without a phone call or drafting an email!

No Availability issue:

It is not possible for all businesses to offer 24/7 customer service reps in every time zone and language, as it turns out to be astonishingly expensive.

Chatbots are forever available to the clients even at 3:00 a.m to give quick responses to the questions and they are constantly collecting and analyzing data for your company to examine and implement different tactics for your marketing approach.

Smoother transitions from marketing to sales:

Chatbots are not only that small pop-up box on your landing page that is available to handle any customer issues. They can also be used to encourage customers to close the sale. Apparently what happens is, chatbots asks questions and, based on their response, it qualifies the possibilities and sends them straight to your sales team.

Chatbots can work as a great marketing tool to enhance your B2B marketing campaigns, help you to better engage with your audience, get some leads, and eventually turn them into sales.

Collecting and analyzing valuable customer insights:

Potentially one of the most significant features of a chatbot is its capability to gather and examine customer insights. Bots can map out the shopping patterns and study habits far more productively than humans. Using chatbots you can monitor patterns of your customers to know exactly what products or services they like. This allows you to personalise and increase target marketing.

Facebook Integration:

Messaging Apps + ChatBots = A Perfect Blend

There is a lot more to do with chatbots. You can integrate a chatbot with a messaging application, and that makes a perfect blend for your business. Facebook recently announced that they’re binding up their messenger app with brands.

So with the help of Facebook Chatbot, companies will be able to have a great chat with Facebook’s extensive community of users. It’s a smart move; messaging platforms like Facebook already have so many active users, so grasping people’s attention is a lot easier now.

The Future of Bots

ChatBots are continuously backing out e-commerce companies in managing their customers. And still, companies and their consumers want a lot more from the Chatbots. So, we can certainly see the chatbots contributing immensely to the digital marketing Industry, today and in the near future.

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