Marketers have a habit of bringing in new strategies for marketing. Earlier marketers used the outbound marketing strategy which involved broadcasting of messages to wider audiences through print and video media. Later the marketers approached inbound marketing which meant generating engaging content and targeting users through social media and massive email campaigns. This approach by marketers brought the concept of digital marketing into action. After receiving some good leads with the help of digital marketing, it successfully became the preferred choice for all marketers. With this comes the latest phase in the marketing evolution, i.e conversational marketing, which entails having one-on-one conversations with clients to eventually establish long-lasting relationships and better ROI.

Not only this, conversations are driving in conversions. A smart, and meaningful conversation taking care of customer requirement is more likely to convert to sales. Conversations allow brand owners a to completely understand what a customer wants and can place the right products for them.

When it comes to conversational marketing, Chatbots, an example of Artificial Intelligence, are becoming the preferred choice for marketers. Chatbots facilitates the conversation that helps in engaging the buyers without being intrusive. Chatbot enables personalised conversation and completely understands customer’s needs and preferences. It helps in building long-lasting relationships with customers by displaying the right product to the right customer in the right way.

To Meet Consumer Demand

The customer preferences have changed lately and many of them have started adopting messaging as their preferred way of communication. By including Chatbots in your business marketing strategy, you will meet your consumer’s demand for immediate satisfaction. This is because:

Chatbots are now accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any inquiries a buyer has. Your buyers will observe that you are considerate, and constantly there to aid them with their queries. Moreover, Chatbots now have an ability to respond to people with a level of compassion, presenting them more human-like. People leave when they have to hold on to speak to a company. Whereas with Chatbots there's nothing like waiting time, thus giving your buyers the attention they deserve.

Chatbots Can Track User Data

When it comes to e-commerce industry it becomes really important to track the customer data. Chatbots can observe consumer data while tracking their behaviour while shopping to improve prospective marketing endeavours; a job that humans find really amazing. This customer data is really crucial when it comes to usual problems a buyer faces such as finding a particular product or service.

The data collected by AI Chatbots are not that comprehensive but it allows marketers to make alterations to their strategies according to buyers needs and desires. Not only this, it will also help in adding a touch of personalisation to customers shopping experience thereby enhancing the overall communication between you and your audience.


Implementing AI in marketing will help your business attain notable credibility. The first and the most significant thing marketers can do for now is to understand the chatbots and how it fits into your business marketing. Having said that, an A.I. chatbot is an excellent substitute for conveying customer experience and serves as a tool for overcoming backend pauses across services. Nevertheless, successfully including A.I. Chatbots for your business is not an easy task. Before incorporating a bot, businesses must try to understand and analyze user needs and wants. Then, the next step should be to build strategies to fulfil these user expectations. Lastly, with the proper balance between AI Chatbots and human representatives, businesses will be able to deliver an amazing customer experience to coming generations.

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