As more and more brands are advancing their technology on social media pages, websites and application, chatbots have gradually become the new age revolution. Today anyone can create their own chatbot platforms as the open-source ecosystem is profoundly driven by innovation and enactment. Chatbots are conversational applications that are intended to automate mere everyday communication tasks.

Chatbots have transformed the term customer service by providing instantaneous, personalised customer response that not only meets client expectations but also saves hundreds to thousands of dollars for your business. Nevertheless, due to the speedy growth of artificial intelligence, chatbots are suspected of getting more and more advanced over time. To be precise, they will successfully substitute live chat operators or will take away a great amount of the work from them. Developers are constantly striving hard to bring in new kind of customer experiences to the market.

Messenger chatbots will remain the best way by which businesses will connect with customers due to its high acceptance rates leaving back email, SMS, push notification, and others. According to the prediction by David Marcus, Head of Facebook Messenger: chatbots will soon take a shift from being an early bird to the beginning of a majority with more than 1 million bots built on Facebook Messenger.

With the commencement of 2018, chatbots will prove to be a turning point for businesses and will bring in a lot more innovation. In the coming year, A.I.-driven bots will beat rule-based ones. Which means bots that now use pre-filled statements will be using intelligence to study your customer's behaviour to maximise performance. Thus with more emphasis on user’s behaviours, bots will automate personalised experience for each individual in a more one-to-one conversational style. With the increasing demand for bots, time is not far when WhatsApp will open up bots thereby unlocking an access to over one billion new users.

Why will chatbots dominate in 2018?

The drop in smartphone apps

Yes, this is true. Mobile applications are suffering a major breakdown. With the growth of mobile apps shattering down, Chatbots will soon become the new and the only way for businesses to make money out of the mobile experience.

Businesses are raising more bots than the apps

Companies are making use of messaging application to develop and integrate chatbots with an aim to intensify brand perceptibility and achieve more attention from the end users.

Chat application users are increasing

At present, a majority of the smartphone users are using chat applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and many more. With more than millions of users on apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, there is no doubt that businesses will integrate bots on such platforms.

Increasing growth of AI and Machine Learning

Looking at the current market we can definitely say that there is a great demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. According to experts, AI and Machine Learning will bring a significant change in the lifestyle and productivity of the humans. And this makes it easier to say that AI and Machine Learning will be the obvious choice in building next level chatbots.

Increasing support and guide for chatbot framework.

With the increasing growth of chatbots, messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft, Telegram, Skype and several others are developing support framework for chatbots.

In a Nutshell

With all this happening around, there is no ambiguity that chatbots are going to transform the business and the way they are interacting with their clients and consumer like never before. Looking at what each marketing tool has to offer, bots will draw, engage and turn in more users like no other.

There's no wonder if chatbots will soon become the best alternative to mobile apps and websites in the coming future. Ultimately, chatbots will dominate in 2018 by emerging as a new platform that will bring in more power to the next generation browsing experience. This will bring a complete shift in the way we use applications and will give a new kind of experience to mobile users.

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