There are a plethora of opportunities for the growth of your business in the modern age digital world. Every industry needs a digital platform to promote itself especially when it comes to e-commerce. The world is shifting to a period where mobile devices will be used in every village let alone towns and cities. But the question is - What type of digital platform should companies rely on? Should they focus on the development of their websites and mobile applications or should they place more weight on the so-called ‘chatbots’?

If we assess various user interface factors, all mobile apps, and websites have become just a set of information. Moreover, websites and mobile apps offer static user experience and lack of personalization. Today messaging apps have become the first way people want to communicate. With the increasing growth of messaging apps like facebook messenger, businesses are looking out for ways to reach out to people over them. With conversation as the foremost mode of interaction, chatbots can replace websites and mobile apps to conduct various kinds of jobs. A chatbot is the key businesses can use to engage more with their consumers.

What gives bots an upper hand over websites and applications?

The tech industry has constantly sustained crucial transformations and this appears to be one of them. This all began when desktop operating systems were replaced by browsers and soon it became the new platform. Times are not far when the charm of chatbots will take your online shopping experience to a next level. It is important to understand what factors make bots superior to website and applications when it comes to online shopping:

Chatbots Vs Websites

When you think of shopping online the first thing that comes to your mind is why not just find a good website where you can find everything that you are looking for. But it's not always as easy as it seems to be because you might have hundreds of questions in your mind while buying a particular product online majorly because of trust issues. For instance, you might be willing to buy a tv online but you want some simple questions to be answered, like:

  • What's the right TV size?

  • What's the right display refresh rate?

  • Which is better, Ultra HD or 4K?

  • What’s your delivery policy?

Exceptional design and user-friendly eCommerce websites will make these easy to find   however you will have to spend hours of time on the site to look out for them. This will normally take more of your actions than a chatbot will. With the help of chatbot, you can directly ask these question to get instant answers without having to go through all the different products.

Not only this, to load an e-commerce website, it at least takes few seconds or minutes. As long as you compare both, people will prefer an option that will save time and loads quickly. Here bots may win the race as they load instantaneously.

Chatbot vs Mobile apps

Today there are innumerable applications that are built for shopping, travel, socializing, dating, delivery services, music, and so on. No one wants to install a new app for every business or service that they are interested in, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Let's say for example you are using Facebook Messenger and you decide you want to buy a new pair of clothes from Amazon. It would be tedious to leave messenger and open the Amazon application or download if you don't have one. Later, you will have to go through a lot of steps in the application to finally buy what you are looking for. If your favourite retailer has a chatbot built on messenger, you can simply send a text telling them what you are looking for. After a couple of quick questions, the bot will present to you the links of the products you have been looking for without having to go through all the additional steps.

Moreover, you need to download mobile apps that will use up your storage space. Whereas you don't have to download a chatbot to use them, all you have to do is just message them in a messaging app and you can make them do things you want.

On the Whole

The competition between the mobile apps, websites, and chat-bots has become more serious nowadays. Each has its own significance, but after comparing them, chatbots have strongly deceived website and mobile apps. They play an important role in empowering better communication and sustaining a better relationship with the customers. There are many chatbot development platforms that will help e-commerce site owners to set up their own bot for online business. Botgento is one such platform that will allow you to integrate a full-featured chatbot for your Magento website within minutes and is widely known for its reliable and cost-effective services. So what are you waiting for? Get access to this amazing service now!