It is 2019 and the ubiquitous chatbots need no introduction nor praise. They are everywhere. Chatbots also known as BOTS are the top trending technology that has impacted every segment and industry in the digital era. Review any “trends to watch out for” list for the past couple of years, and you are sure to find AI and Chatbot technology as the top contenders.

And one area that is slowly waking up to this reality is digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence, chatbot and digital marketing complement each other very well. If you haven’t started using bots for your online marketing, then check out these ways in which BOTs are revolutionizing customer interactions, real-time support, and online shopping:

Customer Service:

The cornerstone of good customer experience online is quick resolutions and prompt responses.

Unfortunately, many businesses suffer because of poor response times. According to one survey, 62% of companies don’t even respond to customer service emails or if they do respond the average response time is 12 hours and 10 minutes.
With AI-based chatbots, marketers can now leverage an automated tool that provides a human-like customer interaction in real-time.

Some of the advanced chatbots seem to use more “human-like” terms and address queries like a pro. In the fast-paced, digital world where time is everything and customers lack patience, response time can make a significant difference.

Chatbots can

  • Answer a wide range of questions
  • Track and fulfill orders
  • Resolve simple issues

In short, chatbots are increasingly being used for customer service to allow for a faster, instant contact. Chatbots offer timely, friendly advice on your company’s products or services to the customer so he/she doesn’t have to wait for days to hear back. This not only reduces your customer response rate but also helps companies in cutting down significant costs.

Optimize internet marketing opportunities by using Chatbots on Messenger
Marketers have realized the potential of using online bots to their eCommerce website and using Facebook’ s messenger bot on their business page. Using new chatbot APIs and message automation companies reach their customers via chat and generate revenue quickly.

Apart from communicating with the customers, bots can now do a variety of things like display images and descriptions, make bookings and confirm purchases. For example, KLM uses Facebook messenger for sending boarding passes and flight updates in Facebook chat. The live chat enables customers to get quick answers to their queries and requests and is seen as a huge leap in terms of customer service.

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Similarly, Uber can book your car rides over Facebook messenger and this service can also be used independently from the Uber app.

Travel search engine Skyscanner launched a Facebook messenger Bot to provide potential customers with flight details, suggestions, hotels, and car hire information.

In fact, there is so much you can do by combining messenger with bot service:

  • Send instant or scheduled promotions
  • Website updates and event messages
  • Notify customers of their abandoned shopping cart
  • Customize product preference by asking relevant questions during their shopping
  • Send back in stock alerts
  • Enable them to see their previous order history

Businesses have only begun to scratch the surface of the real application and potential of using a chatbot for customer service.

One of the biggest advantages is the 24/7 availability of a chatbot. Your live chat employees need sleep but your chatbot doesn’t. Customers’ needs are not predictable and often arise out of the confines of business hours. What is the best way to address their queries when your support staff are away or unavailable? A well-designed chatbot is not only available 24/7, but it will also offer the comfort of a human-like conversation.

Smoother content journey on website
Today, digital marketing is all about designing the most seamless buyer journeys. The definite advantage of chatbot is that they can pop up on any page to offer additional information, videos or discount codes to convert your lead to a customer. Chatbots can also guide your shopper through this journey starting from their payment method, cross-selling/upselling, shipment preferences, etc.

AI-empowered technology like chatbot allows you to constantly innovate and break the monotony or digital fatigue. This is very useful in attracting new customers and generating revenue. The true genius of a BOT is that it can be used to drive eCommerce growth, increase your CTR, use it on landing pages, Slack, Skype, apps and much more. You can read more about this here.

To sum it up
As an online business or marketer, you can leverage this low-cost technology to constantly innovate and drive more conversions. If you are not using a chatbot already, then it is about time you analyze your strategy and make use of this great tech to improve your operations, connect with customers and increase your revenue.

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