It becomes really tough when you try to figure out which type of online marketing ways is going to be suitable for your business. Each method appears amazing and usually all promises the same things. But then how will you decide which kind of digital marketing will prove to be a fit for you? In this article, I will be giving out some of the best ways of online marketing that can make the right choice for your business. Here they are; some of the best ways of online marketing.

SMS/Text message

SMS, well known as text messaging to most people, is without a doubt one of the most efficient and least costly forms of online marketing available today. Despite its type, almost all mobile phones now have the facility to send and receive text messages.

The potential of SMS/text message marketing is not just about sending a text message to someone about your business. With it, you can easily jot down the list of customers that want to hear about your business. With the means of SMS, you can easily send a marketing message to your prospective clients in real-time, anytime, and can be certain that it will be seen.

Email marketing

Email marketing has an unmatchable potential for your investment because it costs almost nothing to implement it. Start assembling subscribers from your current client base, your social media followers, and by other means and send out newsletters that can help you boost traffic to your site, enhance user engagement with your brand and above all, prioritises your business. There are many email marketing tools available on the internet that allows you to send customisable emails that seems professional and describes your business the way you want it.

Social networks

Investing your time in social media marketing is supposed to be the most significant and result-oriented marketing strategy for any business. This gives you quick results and has a great effect on how you operate your business. Social media marketing primarily means advertising your company or a website on various networking sites and big media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger etc. Promoting your website with the help of social media marketing ensures a significant increase in traffic resulting in a good amount of profits.

RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication, the name is quite simple and the stuff you can do with the technology can be really amazing. The best way to use RSS feeds is to promote news articles and any new website updates to all of the clients subscribed to your site.

Traditionally, sending out emails invariably to an immense user base grinds up the bandwidth and may also end up in spam. RSS feeds, on the other hand, will deliver news straight to the users desktop or news reader where the user keeps a check on updates as they happen.

Push notification

Now that you already know about email, social media, RSS feeds, SMS, let's talk about Push notifications. Push notifications have a brief history in the world, originating from mobile apps, where IOS and Android applications used them as the default means by which they interact with their users. Today all customers want alerts about products or services they are interested in real time, glanced up at their screens, easy to dismiss or to take an interest in. These prompt alerts, called “push notifications”, are being broadly embraced by customers and if your business is not practising them, you are very likely lacking behind.


You can think of them as the latest technology that lends a great aid to the marketers, by serving as a customer care representative. They are normally raised in Messenger apps, like Facebook that lately launched its Chatbot program and has succeeded in gaining quick popularity.

Chatbots communicates with the visitors on your website and this is one of the most beneficial things it does. It takes away a tremendous amount of workload from your hands and has a ton of advantages.

When clients come to your website, they’ll want to know everything about the products and services you offer. If they are not getting clear answers for that, they might never revert back.

Not only that, Chatbot offers some great options for Facebook Messenger. If you want a unique and different way to communicate with your clients, it’s tough to hit a Facebook Messenger bot.

These bots communicate directly with your users and do all of the laborious work for you. Moreover, Messenger bot is a gift for e-commerce store owners. You can sell your products without even doing anything at all. The Chatbot does that for you.

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To Summarise

Online marketing is a sort of marketing that is invariably growing and improving. As an online marketer, you must concentrate on the methods that work the best for your own business. To be successful in marketing your business online, you must know fundamental skills and different types of online marketing ways in a clever form.

I hope this article helps you understand the different types of online marketing techniques that work well with your business and help you optimise your online marketing operations.

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