Messaging and chat platforms are growing at a rapid pace and will continue to evolve in the coming future. Today billions of people use at least one application to communicate through messages. Mobile users spend most of their time on messaging platforms. And with technological advancements, a number of leading e-commerce entrepreneurs and investors are now involved in the bots and messaging space.

A ChatBot can be defined as an artificially intelligent software that is governed by a set of norms aimed to simulate a smart conversation with the user through a conversational interface like a chat. Bots can be:

Simple – These rule-based bots are designed to lead the user along a specific and defined conversational path.

Intelligent – These bots are governed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and have the scope to grow with time and understand each query.

Since the inception of messaging apps, bots have been propagating in business at an unparalleled speed. They are an exceptional piece of technology if used correctly. Chatbots have been making some big new online for a while now. From experts prognosticating their rapid rise, to e-commerce leaders implementing them, chatbots are certainly a hot topic of conversation. What chatbots are fundamentally offering is simple enough: get into people’s messenger apps and sell your products there.

These virtual assistants are created to answer customers, control payments, get orders, accumulate contacts of potential customers. These piece of technology can mimic human conversation and allows customers to order a food or purchase any product effortlessly. There’s no doubt that technology is constantly evolving and companies are working on how to improve chatbots and how to best use it. Here you can read about how bots, messaging and e-commerce are evolving for the betterment of the future.

The emergence of chatbots in E-commerce

A user who is contented with a website experience will turn into a customer that will continue to use its services and, eventually, increase its revenues. One of the major aspects of marketing is the customer itself, which is achieved when a user is particularly satisfied with a service. If a customer has a positive experience with your e-commerce store there’s a great chance that he or she will in return market your brand through word of mouth. Website experience, checkout experience, shipping information and customer service are just a few of the aspects that determine if a customer is satisfied with your services. These aspects gave rise to the idea of Chatbots that extend great satisfaction to the customers.

Now that the customers spend most of their time using messaging apps on their mobile phones. Moreover, to use chatbots there's no need to install a local app, as a result, there is little to no bar that restricts the prospects from shopping at your store.

Chatbots have emerged in e-commerce mainly due to its principle of placing the customer first. Chatbots have the ability to imitate the service of a store representative, giving a tough competition to the traditional way that the store approaches, eventually setting your brand apart from your adversaries.

How E-commerce brands use chatbots to shine

An e-commerce industry is a shining example of how employing chatbots to service customers can be beneficial. In fact, e-commerce brands plausibly have the most to attain from the growth of chatbots and some big names have got on the board recently.

Below is a shopping chatbot and it features a series of product suggestions on asking 'Shop now' by the customers. By providing customers with personalised follow up simple questions, the bot features accessibility for shoppers:

Shopping in Chatbot

Why chatbots are here to stay

As artificial intelligence continues to grow, chatbots may very well become essential to delight the customers in the future. The biggest merit of chatbots is that you can completely customise a chatbot for your own brand, there's no one size fits all approach.

In one way or another, bots and AI are going to modify the way we live our lives. We’re in the middle of the next big thing. Use the benefits extended by the advanced technology means, such as instant messengers, to get the best both for your individual as well as business needs. Thanks to the bots’ integration with Facebook Messenger, communication is barely a click away from those already subscribed to the brand’s Facebook page.

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