This article is specifically written for E-commerce store owners. So, if you own an online selling website than the thing which I am going to share with you, can be the biggest transformation in your business.

So may I have your ~5 min attention? Seems like you are all set to hear me. Here we go…

In today's era, you might have experienced lot more competition in online retailing practice and undoubtedly you have made restless efforts to put your store upfront in the E-commerce industry.

You also have done or still doing Email-marketing twice in a week, went on various social media platforms frequently and tried to fetch back your customers, decorated your site in such a beautiful way in order to retain your visitors on web for long or also tried to call your customers back on website with SMS, text-messaging and even by pushing notifications as well.

Moreover, you may be dealing with limited resources about your budget, work-force and especially time duration you allocate for every marketing campaign to sustain and be more progressive in this competitive E-retailing industry.

To drive campaign successfully, you’ve obviously crafted best strategies, allocated available resources optimally, opt for one of the influent marketing traction channels to meet your customers.

But in spite of doing these much qualitative works, what if you didn’t meet with your pre-defined business goals and revenue target?

You certainly feel sad and for next day, either you give up, surrender yourself and try to compromise with normal routine OR you will retrospect previous results and find the better way to compete & win over the breeding online selling market.

But I hope, you are among the one who chooses to compete again and win. If you’re willing to do so, then I must share a solution which can be your next move.

Friends, have you ever thought that your business Facebook page can be the key to making your business more viral?

Yes, you read right. Facebook – one of the giant social outreach platforms have made it possible to give the worldwide identity of your business among your Facebook community.

Zephoria statistics says there are 1.74 billion Mobile Facebook active users over the 2.01 billion Facebook users across the globe. And figures are also growing by the time you read this piece of content.

Among this wide user base, what if you can engage your shop lovers through Facebook messenger and make your business open right out there?

Which means if you have a Facebook page then you deserve to create chatbot integrated with Facebook messenger and you can deal with your customers from messenger chatbot itself.

What's this chatbot?

It’s nothing but a simple conversational robot who gives latest updates of your business, upcoming deals, offers, new launching and even helps to do shopping with simple chatting experience – All in messenger.

Above streaming is all about shopping through a chatbot, but you can customise chatbot for any crazy purpose.

You can optimise it to give one of the best customer care service, to give daily store updates and what not?

That too with a robot – who can be your one of the trusted and reliable employee – who can do a fruitful job for you for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – who can handle n number of customers simultaneously – who works more and costs less.

And much more a chat robot can do for you. So if you want to hire a chat robot who can run your business for your Facebook community, then we can help you out to meet and build full-featured chatbot who can certainly amuse your customers.

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