As of recently, Internet messaging enters into a new period, one in which Chatbots will be a significant part of any conversation as we humans are. Not only this, these programmed chatbots can also be infused into Facebook Messenger. As they quickly gained some fame, Facebook messenger bots are becoming one of the great marketing options to use in this revolution by working as a new marketing channel for marketers.

Chatbots offer adaptability so as to automate all your work and helps in obtaining important information. They are turning into an imperative approach to enhance the experience of the clients with the end goal of offering better service to the customers and improving communication.

How can a Facebook chatbot assist your marketing?

The third parties can now use the Facebook messenger to build their own personal chatbot as per the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg in April 2016. With its latest feature, brands can connect with their prospective customers autonomously through these chatbots which heads to a new era in Facebook marketing.

The principal functionality of the bots for social media marketing stays the same, and that is to enhance user engagement. Customers are constantly searching for immediate responses to their remarks and inquiries. The chatbots are created in such a way that they are qualified to answer almost every query placed by the customers, without human interference. And this helps in building a stable relationship with your customers and potential forces, without paying high to the marketers.

Idea behind developing bots for Facebook

The fundamental idea behind launching chatbots for Facebook messenger is to directly connect all the customers to the business so as to automate customer engagement and intercommunications. Moreover, you can find that almost every person across the globe is highly active on Facebook or you can say addicted to it. So they would love if a brand they are interested in, has its chatbot on Facebook messenger and they would not have to leave Facebook for any reason.

Today there are more than 100,000 Facebook chatbots that have been built on messenger and many of the developers signed up so that they can develop their own bots using tools administered by Facebook.

Recently Facebook declared its new features for chatbots that will have an ability to easily respond to the video, audio, GIFs, and related files that will help you to build bots with ease. Read more...

How is Facebook chatbot useful?

Many businesses have been talking about how the messenger is becoming the most used platform for a long time now. Just have a look at your list of applications, you will find that messenger is amidst the most used applications on your phone. Let us discuss its importance in our day to day lives.

If you keep using Facebook messenger, you will smartly be able to do everything from ordering online to book a cab. Not only this, you can build customised bots that will be able to send out regular updates on your behalf.

Chatbots can provide anything from automated climate and traffic updates to customized messages like invoices and automated live chat feature all by communicating directly with the people who want to avail your products or services.

Any business today with a chatbot has the ability to increase customer insights. With more insights you get, chances of marketing your brand will increase, which eventually means more customers and better sales.

The best thing is that these chatbots are comparatively cheap than the other applications. Above all chatbots help you preserve time and lessen the cost of hiring staff for marketing your brand.

If you are looking for an easy way of marketing your brand than infusing a chatbot on the Facebook messenger is surely a good shot to give. If you like this article, don't forget to share my blog.

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