Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and these advances are transforming the way we think about how it can benefit us in our day-to-day lives. With all the data going digital, the possibilities of what we can achieve without human intervention increases tremendously. With all the technological advancements happening, Artificial intelligence (AI) has been growing rapidly in the past few years. So what is AI? Artificial Intelligence is simply a concept where machine performs a task that previously required human intervention.

What AI means for small businesses

Small business owners think that AI is outside their reach and probably wouldn't affect their business in any way. And many think that they need to have a huge budget in order to sustain this kind of technology. But the fact is that AI is a very effective resource that is already influencing small businesses in a number of tangible ways, and will continue to alter the way that these businesses grow and scale. For small businesses that have limited time and resources, AI can prove to be a life-saver by working smart automating your basic tasks. In this blog, you will have a look at few of the many ways artificial intelligence can help your small business gain an edge over your competitors, now and in the future.

Let AI build your website

An online presence is really important for small businesses. In the past, there were two ways you could opt for about building your website: do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. But in this technological era, there’s another way to get that done and that's with AI. The best part about AI is that it is ideal for businesses because it doesn’t require a lot of time or even a ton of cash.

Wix is an example of a website building platform that can create a website for you in just minutes. All you need to do is to provide key information about your business and with just few drag and drop your website is ready. Artificial intelligence design assistant lets you choose from millions of design combinations to help you build a website that is uniquely yours.

Customer Care Services

Automated chat systems have been helping small business effortlessly by providing customer service to their clients for years. However, with AI you can now make use of advanced natural language processing that can give specific answers to questions from users by mapping on a database of insights. Chatbot, an artificially intelligent chat system, enables businesses to offer round the clock customer service without having to hire people to do that. This allows human customer service representatives to concentrate on the toughest of problems, overcoming human assistance and improving services for those who have genuine concerns. Today there are a number of options for building your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot without having any programming skills.

Human Resource Management

Businesses can also make use of AI applications to make smarter decisions and streamline their hiring process. HR leader can not only make use of these applications to scan resumes and applications for keywords they can also study the responses and profile of the applicants for relevant experience.

And we can’t forget our companion, the chatbot. There are many chatbots available today that are used to streamline the interview process by asking a series of questions to the applicants related to job title. This way HR professionals can concentrate on more important HR issues. Small businesses can also make use of chatbots to help answer frequently-asked questions or alternatively as a virtual assistant to help plan meetings and manage calendars.

Marketing Automation

There are a number of factors involved to make a successful digital marketing campaign. Moreover, maintaining marketing funds efficiently usually requires deep domain expertise, which involves further undesirable costs for small businesses. Fortunately, these days small enterprises can use AI to streamline the process of marketing with modest budgets.

Small businesses can easily get started with social media marketing as AI helps you engage better with your audience by analyzing the data and giving you guidance on the sort of subjects, visual content, emotions, and tone you need to use in your posts. Moreover, there are various artificial intelligence software's that can even recommend the best time to publish a post.

What can you do?

Whatever path you choose to implement AI, always remember that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Although there are many ways that small businesses today can extend their services, it’s important for them to understand the impact of this technology on their business later. Above all, AI is an automation of processes, so small business should not hesitate in implementing it in their startups.

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