At their recent conference in April 2016, Facebook launched the Bots for Messenger platform, a unique approach for businesses to raise their own interactive tool to automate response for Facebook Messenger. The main idea behind Facebook’s new launch is, to allow businesses to build their own chatbots in the messenger app to communicate with their customers on different topics and be able to present information on your behalf in the form of natural conversation.

The main reason behind the launch of bots for messenger is the fact that people today are making use of messengers to connect with each other. During its launch, Mark Zuckerberg remarked that around 60 billion messages are sent per day on Facebook. Tools like chatbots can save a significant amount of your time and with about billions of people now using messenger, it helps your businesses to move in trend with what most of the people prefer today.

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Facebook chatbots are the programs working on the Facebook messenger platform meant to make it easier for clients and customers to communicate through Facebook. Offering 24/7 assistance, Facebook chatbots are designed to answer all the customer queries when there is no customer care representative support available. The main purpose behind bots is to offer the same support to a digital consumer that is offered by a salesman in a store.

After its launch, chatbots for messenger has grown tremendously. Just after few months of the launch of this great tool, there were approximately 11,000 Facebook Chat Bots, as recorded by The Verve.

Now the question is, does the addition of Facebook messenger bots enhances your shopping experience on Facebook by any means? Should eCommerce store owners invest in developing bots of their business? Here's the answer:

Benefits of Messenger Bot

To illustrate you the benefits of messenger bots, below is an example of bot service and the way it operates.


You can see in the above image series, the customer is able to see wishlist items, all in chatbot just with a simple message or easily from chatbot menu. If the buyers shop from bot itself, then shopbot will send them order confirmation message with needful information, following order shipment update time to time. And the thing to wonder is that all this process is initiated via bots - there's no human interference at this point at all.

This example highlights some of the potentials of messenger bots and the parts they can play in your daily life. Now no more going through long menus and switching pages while shopping. Today a lot of users are finding messenger bots beneficial for fulfilling their shopping desires with ease.

To Summarize

However, even though messenger bots are evolving in the present times, they have the ability to expand into a strong data collecting means in the coming future. For a fact, these bots could be the means for Facebook to make messenger the preferred communication channel for businesses and consumers in the near future.

Moreover, corporations think bots will be the next influential thing as most companies and users are making use of messenger on their smartphones. According to Facebook, bots will enhance both the efficiency and type of responses over time. In the prevailing scenario, Messenger and Facebook both are dependent on each other and held accountable for the future of chatbots.

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