The digital boom and online trade have changed the rules of business and engagement with potential customers. Business leaders and marketers have to constantly reinvent themselves and their strategy to survive and outsmart the competition. And in the competitive era, customer experience is the key differentiator.

Fortunately, recent tech trends and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have now opened up several possibilities for your online business. Better response times, 24/7 availability and greater expectations have led to the boom in conversational commerce. Chatbots now play a key role in enhancing customer experience.

But what does a chatbot do? Essentially, a chatbot is a computer program or an Artificial Intelligence mechanism that converses via text or audio. It simulates human behavior but also improves the efficiency of the process by constantly learning from data patterns.

The most common application of chatbots today is for customer service, information gathering or generating leads. Today, we will talk about Botgento - a leading chatbot designed for solving marketing/eCommerce and Magento specific challenges. Botgento is unique because it integrates Facebook messenger chatbot with your Magento website. So, if you have an eCommerce shop, then you can integrate Botgento to boost your marketing efforts. It brings your business up to speed and helps with marketing, lead generation, and sales.

If you have been considering using a chatbot, but are unsure of its benefits, take a look at what Botgento can do:

Unlimited Broadcasts

Botgento allows you to broadcast without limit, any number of messages to your customers. Use this feature to keep your audience updated about events and activities. You can customize the distribution of the messages as per the time zone.

Abandoned Cart

You can increase your sales substantially by reminding customers of their abandoned carts and cart items. Encourage customers to recover their carts by running automated targeted campaigns.

Order Updates

Customers are always keen to know the status of their order and track their progress. Botgento makes this very easy by pushing automated updates for order confirmation, shipments, delivery etc. right from the Facebook Messenger interface.

Shopping Assistance

Botgento can design an easy and flexible shopping flow for each of your customers by providing instant and accurate responses for every customer input. This takes up the entire shopping experience up by several notches.

Alerts and Notifications

Whether it is a ‘back in stock’ product alert for items the customer is interested in, or a special flash sale, Botgento makes it easier to inform your customers via messenger.

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Customized Order View

Customers can easily find their way around their previous order history using a single tap on the Persistent Menu. The persistent menu is a customizable feature that helps customers to navigate better around order history, wish list, cart, account details and so on. Users can access this with a single tap on the menu. In fact, users can customize it by using the ‘Add Custom Menu’ to the Persistent Menu list.

Wishlist Notification

Remind your customers about their wish-listed items and help them to make that purchase – all using the chatbot.

Live Chat

There is nothing that can match live interaction. However, Botgento fives a very human feel to the interactions. With its Auto Response feature, you can even pre-define answers for every possible consumer input. Chatbot matches the inputs with the relevant answers within seconds.

Reports and Analytics

Analytics are key to performing better and providing a better customer experience. With Botgento you can get insights on the total number of Bot subscribers, popular customer inputs, number of messages sent, campaign figures and several other statistics.

Why Botgento?

Botgento is a unique chatbot – in that, it integrates two of the most popular tools – Facebook messenger and Magento for eCommerce. There are more than 2 billion messages between people and businesses each month on Facebook Messenger alone. This includes both automated and manual chats. 53% of the people who message businesses every day say that they are more likely to shop with a business they can message. There are more than 30K active business bots on messenger and the number is only increasing.
Botgento is an excellent technology that leverages Facebook messenger and one of the best eCommerce platforms to create a fantastic customer journey. It can help customers take better purchasing decisions and improve your company’s user acquisition rates.

Some marketing benefits of Botgento:

  • Customer re-engagement
  • High open rates as opposed to other marketing channels – 80% open rate
  • Built-in components like Shopping Bot and autoresponder to boost efficiency
  • 24/7 availability
  • Context-driven marketing
  • Cost-effective

Botgento, will definitely stable your ROI mark and has the capability to hold your customers that results in higher customer engagement and high conversions within less cost investment.

Reach Your ROI in Minimum Time