The growth of Artificial Intelligence has unfolded an entirely new world of opportunities for business today. Chatbots, an invention of artificial intelligence has modified e-commerce industry by proposing the concept of the conversational interface to it. The messenger form of interaction gave rise to the concept of chatbots and they can communicate with humans using voice or text inputs.

Chatbots are automated applications which perform like humans yet they have a potential to fulfil monotonous tasks much faster. Over a span of time, this technology has been picked up really fast by the e-commerce industry too. The industry understands the tremendous potential this technology has and how it has become an effective business strategy for good sales. E-commerce chatbots for Magento stores are winning fame and are deemed to substitute humans in the domain of shopping assistance just in few years presumably.

With the further advancement of technologies, Magento e-commerce chatbots will grow cleverer and will be able to give high-level assistance and trading services to its clients. The reason why chatbots are gaining so much importance is that they are much easier than applications and costs much less comparatively.

What is Magento Chatbot?

The Magento e-commerce chatbot is a program which interacts with your customers over chat messages. The aim is to make it effortless for buyers to browse and shop for goods and services. The communication takes place within the Facebook messenger as the buyer can chat with your Facebook page and receive an instant reply from the chatbot. And the best part is that you do not need to type a URL of the store or install an application anymore for shopping online.

How will the customers find your Magento chatbot?

Your customers can find your chatbot through:

  • If your Magento store has a Facebook page then the potential customer can message you on your Facebook page using the call to action button.

  • If you have a chatbot, customers can also use the discover feature of Facebook messenger to easily find you there. This feature of Facebook can get you a great number of potential customers.

  • The best option is to integrate the chatbot on your Magento store by embedding it as “Message us” button or the messenger symbol in your store. Later you can also decide the location and size of the button or the icon.

Below are some ways which prove that chatbots help promote your business, strengthen your online presence in and serve as an asset to it.

Offer A Personalised Customer Experience

Buyers always love to shop at stores that give them a personalised experience and ecommerce chatbots, without a doubt does that better. Chatbots offers great support along with personalisation to the customers at your Magento store as they are accessible round the clock. Moreover, they assist the prospective buyer with personalised suggestions based on their choices and needs.

Provide Consistent And Cost-Effective Customer Support

Customer support is an essential factor when it comes to selling online. Chatbots surpass at customer support because unlike humans, they are available 24/7 and present consistent services. People no longer have to wait in queues as the user gets an immediate response to their queries thus eliminating the waiting time. Furthermore, a bot is a cost-effective option as you have to invest in it once instead of hiring and paying customer care executives in large numbers.

Follow Up Unfinished Orders

Another benefit of funding in chatbots for Magento website is that they send abandoned cart messages and unfinished orders notification. This will help in re-engaging your prospective customers by sending personalised messages to finish what they left in between.

In Conclusion

As e-commerce companies are recognising the value that chatbots can bring to their stores, they are more than willing to invest in them. According to a survey by Oracle, about 80% of e-commerce retailers affirmed that they would look forward to implementing the bots by the end of this decade. If this stands true, time is not far away when chatbots will become the future of e-commerce. Many leading e-commerce companies have already taken the advantage of chatbots for their business marketing. If you are planning to or currently use Magento for your e-commerce store, this is the right time you start considering the ways how AI and chatbots can be practised to expand your business and linger one step ahead of your competitors.

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