The concept behind artificial intelligence was to make machines which can perform tasks that would normally be done by humans. The main aim of building such systems is to make the lives of human easy. Anything can be considered AI from recognising speech and language translation to decision making. What matters is that the task should be done no matter how it is achieved. Not only this, researchers are continuously studying ways to bring in the emotional factor to the machines along with the human intelligence. All good things come with some flaws. Let us have a look at the list of benefits and shortcomings that artificial intelligence brings along with itself.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Error Reduction

As we all know that humans are bound to make mistakes. But in case of computers, they never make errors as they are properly programmed. With the help of AI, outputs are always free of error, no matter how big the input might be. Today, Artificial intelligence is used in various research works like the exploration of space. Thus they are built in such a manner that it becomes difficult to break them down

No Breaks

Machines, unlike humans, do not require frequent breaks and refreshments. They are programmed for long hours and can continuously perform without getting bored or distracted. Moreover, machines do not require sick leave, they just go on and on!
One thing they need for sure, is some fuel to charge them up. All that is required is some source of energy and they are definitely going to get a lot more work done than humans can.

They don’t have emotions

One of the best thing about machines is that they don’t have emotions. So no emotional barriers will come their way while they are working. This is a big advantage because being emotionless means that nothing is going to alter their performance. However, this is completely different in the case of humans because we have emotions and many of us find it tough to work in a stressful environment.

These are few of the advantages of AI. Let us now understand what sort of disadvantages does artificial intelligence carries

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Increase In Unemployment And Job Insecurities

As the number of machines increases, the issues of unemployment will strike high. Since AI is replacing human resources, more and more people are losing their jobs. Needless to say, humans will no longer be on the top notch for the companies.

Arguably, robots have already taken the place of humans in some fields and this could extend to new levels. An example of this is the concept of driverless cars, which replaces the need to have millions of human drivers, from taxi drivers to chauffeurs, very swiftly. Thus replacing humans with machines can lead to unemployment on a comprehensive scale.

Machines Cannot Feel Compassion And Sympathy

When it comes to working efficiently, machines without a doubt does much better than the humans. But when it comes to the human connections that a team of people has, machines fail to develop a bond like that. As they are machines, they fail to offer you that human touch and quality, emotional understanding and sympathising in a particular situation.

Risk Of Loss Of Important Data

In the century that we live in, we have noticed this many times that we probably lose the data if a machine gets damaged or the software gets corrupted.
Today almost all our important documents, files, images, and videos are stored on computers, smartphones, and other devices. Once lost, it becomes impossible, rather I would say very difficult to retrieve this information back. This technological issues can result in a serious trouble for your businesses.

Exploitation of artificial intelligence

As we all know, an excess of anything is bad. This stands true in the case of artificial intelligence as well. We often hear threats that misuse of technology can bring the world to a destructive end. This stands true to a great extent as we have seen in scripted movies and films. If offered into wrong hands, high technology machines can surely destroy the society.

Wrapping it up quickly

Creating artificial intelligence is possibly the significant event for mankind. If adopted and promoted constructively, we can use artificial intelligence to abolish poverty and starvation from the human race. Moreover, as the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the shortcomings, industries are still relying on it to get the work done, more efficiently and with less cost.

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