With the advent of the new age of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s a remarkable period for customer experience, with enormous privileges to the customer and extremely fast customer service. As AI technology continues to grow, advanced companies are investing in conversational AI in their business strategies to leverage it for effective customer service. Over the last few years, customer service and customer experience had been entirely about customers asking help from call centres, websites, emails, applications, and so on. Nevertheless, in the last few years, technology has incredibly changed the way we think and the era of clicking and sliding is now coming to an end.

We’re seeing a radical transformation in the way people communicate with brands these days, that is through conversation. Today messaging applications have a number of monthly active users than on social networks and with the rise of the Internet, businesses are providing their customers conversational experience through chatbots and AI applications. This new change isn’t just breaking the match for how we use applications and connect with brands. It’s revolutionising the way we look at data, too.

Conversational AI is becoming an essential need for businesses that want to identify their audience and provide a genuine user experience. Distinct privileges of conversational AI is that it will offer great personalisation thereby enhance customer interaction to better meet customer’s needs. Whether a digital assistant on your smartphone or a chatbot on your Facebook messenger, Conversational AI is a trend for digitally accredited customers. According to a research majority of the smartphone users using digital assistants use them on a daily or weekly basis.

What is Conversational AI?

Whether to offer excellent customer service, stimulate customer engagement, or advance other solution fields that chatbots play a role in, Conversational AI empowers you to develop strong representatives that lead conversations with your customers by answering questions and delivering information. An excellent strategy is required for designing a conversation that adequately meets consumer requirements and delivers real value to your business. But once executed, these conversations not only will become a way to interact with your brands but will also become the means of information to learn what your customers are looking for and how they will engage with your business. Eventually, it equips you with new insights and techniques to optimise the customer experience. Thus, Conversational AI is much more than just a simple Chatbot.

Advantages of Conversational AI

The growth of artificial intelligence has led to the emergence of advanced conversational abilities. Businesses can use conversational AI in numerous ways, including via chatbots, and there is an endless number of benefits you can avail from conversational AI. With chatbots and virtual assistants growing swiftly, here are some of the potential business benefits that conversational AI has to offer:

Reduced cost: According to a recent research, businesses can lower a good percentage of labour cost when chatbots and other AI applications are extended. As we know that completely automating the processes is not possible, automating few of the tasks like customer services and sales can result in notable savings.

Improved customer experience: With Artificial Intelligence you can reach a broader audience and can save important details that businesses can later use to personalise the conversation and the buying experience of the digitally accredited customers. With all the data and feedback, AI also benefits brands by helping them build products which customer demands, which in turn gives a pleasant customer experience.

Greater consistency due to reduced human assistance: Before the advent of AI, companies used to majorly depend on human efforts to offer services to a large number of customers. This used to consume a lot of time and labour. But now, with the rise of AI, rather conversational AI in business and life, consumers love to interact seamlessly within an application rather than seeking help from human executives, thereby reducing the reliance on humans for assistance.


Customer experience is the next battlefield to compete in 2018. Businesses are embracing new age technologies and are constantly enhancing themselves to stay ahead of the competition. With progress in speech recognition and natural language processing, conversational AI has become the new limit that is truly changing the way customers engage, making it much more centralised and collaborative.

The phenomenal applications and effective ways in which chatbots can be used shows obvious evidence that they are here to stay and grow into more capable tools that transform customer experience in more significant ways. Want to build one for your brand? Here’s How: Contact us and submit your details.