The medium of Conversation is being used for effective communication since ages. What’s more fascinating is that the marketers and labels are utilising the medium of conversations to increase user engagement and drive sincere business outcomes.

Conversational marketing is a type of marketing strategy that makes use of conversations that are personalised and allows one-on-one communication to study and master the interests of the clients with the help of automated, conversational technology. This results in excellent targeted communication that accouches greater response and growth rates.

Whereas the traditional marketing strategy works in one direction where you can only send emails, request form fill-ups and calling prospective customers. This way it's you who's talking only whereas knowing very little. One-way communication does not run in a kinship, and it isn’t an effective way for marketing.

When it comes to Conversational marketing, it makes use of personalised, two-way communication to recognise and commemorate clients’ interests and offer them the information they need the most. When you know your customers well, you can offer them special discounts on products or services you offer in which they are interested. This will more likely convert and generate more leads for your business.

In short, it indicates that the one-way communication channels namely emails are not strong anymore. It’s the two-way communication medium that makes use of personalised conversations are replacing the traditional marketing. By communicating with the clients you will not only build trust but also engage with them in a way that makes sales possible even when you are far away from the client.

However, this does not mean you need to hire a complete bunch of salesmen who will reach out to prospective leads and communicate with them until they achieve the ultimate goal that is sales. Moreover not every business can manage and afford to hire an enormous marketing team. But there's a way out to this problem and hiring issue can be resolved with the help of chatbots. A chatbot is an artificially intelligent software that can substitute a big marketing team and communicate with the customers with much ease

How are chatbots fit for conversational marketing?

Chatbot marketing dramatically brings the advanced two-way communication medium which works wonders for almost any kind of business. They initialise communications that appear to be more personal, constant and authentic.

Conversational marketing with bots will help you identify the interest of the clients in products and services you offer and even lets you discover their likes and dislikes to strengthen the relationship. Thus, as a result, these automated conversations become more personalised as the bots can fetch the interests of the customers from their former interactions.

According to a survey, about 57% of professionals and 81% of marketers stated that in the coming years' businesses will be spending more on conversational marketing than that of the traditional marketing.

Conversational marketing defeats traditional marketing largely because it offers:

Personalisation: Conversational marketing with chatbot allows you to add a personalised touch distinctly for every customer with the help of the earlier conversations. With this, there are higher chances that the client you are chatting with will likely want to converse with you.

Instant Replies: Now your potential client will no longer have to fill up long contact forms and monitor their email boxes every time to see if they received any response. All thanks to the growth of conversational AI chatbots, with which you can provide a real-time response to the queries of your potential customers, 24/7.

Immediate feedback: It is important to know what your customers think of your business. A real-time communication will give you much more information than emails and with each interaction, you’re giving the leads a chance to share their opinions with you.

Leads Capturing: Beating the traditional marketing strategy like lead capturing forms, Chatbot marketing helps you by capturing the leads for you as they can work even when you cannot.

Connecting for sales: Your bots can later assign the leads to conventional salesmen that can take benefit of this opportunity and can gain a new client.

Despite the medium, conversational marketing is not just about sending your message out or forcing an individual to react. It's about answering people's queries and getting their feedback and helping them in the best way possible.

The Result

Leads from conversational marketing tend to convert more than the traditional marketing because clients prefer to engage in two-way interactions, and these communications will benefit you in the long run through powerful, faithful and long-lasting relationships—all that is crucial for the growth of your business. Modes of conversational marketing are quite a few and new but certainly, they have a great impact on the image of your business. One such mode of conversational marketing is chatbots. Executing bots seems impossible for some but luckily, there are bot development platforms which will take away all your burden. For now, you can try Botgento, which is a bot development platform that allows you to build chatbots and lets you use it for any cooperation.