The e-commerce market is constantly growing with the growth of marketplaces like Amazon and has also been benefiting big, small and international retailers. Right from purchasing outfits for an occasion to ordering food, there's an online store for almost any product or service. In spite of the fact that e-commerce has brought in a new horizon for a lot of store owners and nearly all of them are competing with each other for developing an e-commerce, it is becoming challenging for each one to succeed amongst the contenders. Online store owners are continuously looking for unique propositions that make them stand out from the rest.

And if you too are hunting for a unique way to pull and engage your customers, you should keep yourself up to date with the latest technologies that are emerging. And if you do, you might have come across the term “Chatbots”, but you might not be aware of the potential it has. It is the next big thing that is bringing a complete change in the way online stores operate today. A chatbot is a programmed application that can execute a monotonous and mundane task at a much-accelerated rate than a human. They apply Artificial Intelligence by which it can interact with humans through text or voice input.

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As Chatbots introduced new business opportunities, saves time, capital and enhance the shopping experience they are gaining outright prevalence in the eCommerce industry. Not only this, chatbots communicates with customers of the e-commerce industry and improves the shopping experience shoppers get, as chatbots make shopping processes much simpler.

What Can a Chatbot do for your Online Store?

A chatbot doesn’t grieve, it needs no leave and you don’t even have to spend much on its services as it is a one-time investment. As a matter of fact, chatbots offer services that humans fail to offer and now it has become essential for the success of your e-commerce store. Chatbots, when incorporated properly, can lessen the pressure on the customer service team. This is especially beneficial for small to mid-sized e-commerce stores where they need to hire customer service team to handle the tasks.

Below are some key benefits that will convince you to turn every online store into a chatbot and how it will add great meaning to e-commerce stores.

Cost Effectiveness

We all know that everything comes with a price. But that's not quite true in the case of chatbot. As said earlier, it is a one-time investment and once built, a chatbot can handle all your store chores without any further expenses.

According to a study, a huge number of customer care executives can be replaced by chatbots, thereby saving billions of your bucks annually. This is because a chatbot can automate shopping procedures, efficiently resolve the customer queries and keep histories of past conversations, everything at a very low cost as compared to humans.

Extremely Personalised Customer Service

Above all, offering compelling service should be the aim of every e-commerce store. In this period of time, when every big and small online store owners strive to succeed in an extremely competing market, customer comfort and satisfaction could mean everything for your business.

And when it comes to customer satisfaction, personalisation is a factor that offers individual attention to your customers. In fact, it is one of the greatest things a chatbot offers. This is because a chatbot keeps a record of all your customers' past conversations. Not only this, a chatbot is able to improve the responses by learning from past conversations thereby offering furthermore personalisation. It is a chatbot that can make your customers feel special.

Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

Well, the benefits of chatbots are not just limited to customer satisfaction and lower cost. In fact, there are many benefits that can sum up the overall growth of your business. Online stores can make use of chatbots to explicitly manage product purchases from multiple customers and speed up the complete purchase and lead management process. Moreover, with the integration of chatbot, your store will be looked upon as a brand that is innovative and efficient thereby enhancing customer relationship.

Summing it Up

With all that has been said, you will definitely increase the growth of your business by incorporating a chatbot for your online store. And above all, it will make your brand stand out knowing that the future is all about Artificial intelligence and industries driven by AI. If you own an online store then you shouldn't waste any time to grab the future in your hands. And if you cannot build a chatbot for your brand let Botgento build it for you! Botegento is a chatbot development platform that helps you build a chatbot for your Magento store and integrates it with the Facebook messenger within minutes.

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