So excited to know, what’s chatbot?

Friends, before starting on chatbot story, let me brief you something about the world of AI(Artificial Intelligence).

You undoubtedly know a machine or a robot can do a better job than human if it has been taught in a very systematic way. Agree?

That’s what Computer Science says, Artificial Intelligence or in other terms, Machine Intelligence is excellency exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals.

We at Botgento believe, Chat robots are to make your life simpler which is one of the best innovation in AI sphere.

What they do?

A chatbot is a simple computer program which conducts an on-demand conversation through artificial intelligence.

The concept of conversation in central to a chatbot. A chatbot can provide many functions and can be hosted on major chat platforms like Facebook messenger, text messaging and many others.

These days chatbots have emerged as a middle layer between customers and service providers. Chatbots are typically used in dialogue systems for various practical purposes including customer service, call centres, internet gaming or any sort of information acquisition. It’s an easy way to get quick answers to simple questions.

They do have advantages over human agents. First to say, available for 24X7. Always on time, always accurate, always there to help, it’s working while your human employees are asleep, distracted, off-work or busy. Chat robots can also defeat humans when we talk about speed and accuracy.

Chatbots can help businesses in a big way. Every business has one of the big concern of their customer service and they used to do a lot to prove their best satisfying service at the forefront. In such practice, business employees have to answer for some typical set of questions again and again or they can gather all these matters in FAQ section of the website.

But what if all these questions-answers are possible by a robot all together at a time? That is how chat robots can do a better job for you than men do.

And interestingly, chatbots are basically replacing individual apps nowadays. Rather than closing Facebook messenger and opening an E-commerce website, you can simply open the bot of that web[if you've subscribed] and move on for shopping or any information which you want – right out there.

Even if the bot revolution is taking baby-steps, we predict lot more furtherance in this field. We at Botgento believe, with the advancement in AI technology, the chatbots are expected to be one of the easiest and empowered way to offer best messaging experience with the best possible personalisation practice. One of the latest AI trend!

If you are the one who owns Magento structured E-commerce store and wants to welcome your customer on chatbot, so as to grow your business. You’re at the right place and we’re looking to see you in free early adopters listing. Book your spot now as you will be prioritised soon.

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