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It is a kind of chatbot integrates in Facebook Messenger, in order to interact with your users, readers, customers, followers, subscribers etc. anytime you want. Know more: What is a Chat Bot

Messenger bot lets you welcome new users, get in touch with them with new updates, broadcast your message as per their local timezone, helps to draw your users attention whenever you need.

Your messenger bot can do a lot than these – that too automatically. Schedule the messages, updates, new launching, news feed and forget it. Chatbot will take care of it, without error.

Botgento has made it quite simple and easy for you. You can go live with your full-featured chatbot in matter of minutes with our hassle-free installation process. All you need to have is an existing Facebook page and administrator rights to manage it.

As Messenger bot is one of the latest trends in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it has much more potential compare to your marketing force.

For example:

  • They are available at any time while your marketing members are not. 24/7 customer support service.
  • Handle big mass of customers simultaneously.
  • Always available with quick and relevant response.

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Chatbot is nothing but a conversational robot which will work in such a way it has been taught.

Let’s say, if you have an online store, then you can give very easy and flexible shopping experience to your customers, right in messenger. Your customers need not to switch to your website, if you have configured and organized it systematically.

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We at Botgento believe, e-commerce industry is the one which can have most advantages of chatbot AI. If you’ve tried all possible marketing tricks to acquire and retain new customers, then now it’s time to give chatbot a try. It can help you do Facebook marketing of your business, in a completely new way.

If you’re willing to integrate a chatbot for your ecommerce store, then you can give amazing shopping experience to customers with the use of blow stated benefits:

  • Get on board (chatbot) your customers with beautiful welcome message
  • Send them scheduled or instant broadcast message as per their local timezone
  • Configured an easy and straightforward shopping flow (browsing categories, display all relevant products of specific category, show products detail, allow them to add to cart etc.)
  • Send abandoned cart reminder message, if any
  • On successful purchase, inform about order confirmation message
  • And…

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Botgento is a perfect amalgam of Chatbot and Magento.


In brief, we are an e-commerce agency (specialist for Magento Ecommerce) dealing and co-operating with upfront e-commerce industry since the last decade. We are serving good number of clients by building and maintaining their e-stores.

So in order to be helpful to our potential clients and to spread a marketing solution among the e-stores owners, we developed a SaaS product that can be the game changer for their businesses.

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